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Burton Danet
Jan 23, 2010


Thanks to TruNity 
for making possible this Haiti Relief Website!  You can make your own!  Create the site by following the instructions below, then send an email to abc4all @ gmail (dot) com with the link!  Your site will become FREE and UPGRADED AT NO COST to you by TruNity!

Creating a site with TrUnity is easy, and fast! Here's how to get started:

1.  Please send us an email to let us know you're part of the Haiti Relief community. We'll upgrade you for free!  Once we've upgraded you, you can make your members into administrators, so that they can edit this site as well.

 2. All the content and topics on this site were pre-populated by us. But, this is your website now! Feel free to erase these instructions and create your own content. Click on the "Edit" button above to edit this content area, and use your tool box on the right to make site changes and connect with others. 

3. Customize your graphics. We've provided you with badges, a customizable banner, and facebook and 'donate' buttons:

BADGES for your site: Click Here
BANNER to customize :
Click Here 

BUTTONS to share and promote:

Donate buttons DO work!
Click here to learn how to
activate your donate button.

Make it easy to connect! See how to link to your Facebook page:


       4. Let your site viewers know how they can donate with this link:
          Click <HERE> for donation options.


       5. Decide how you'll use and promote your website. Here are some ideas:

 - Organize a fundraiser or a charity drive to collect needed items.

 - Identify families that need sponsers to help them put their lives back together.'

 - Establish a collection center for items needed in Haiti.

 - Post information about collection centers in your community.

 - Publish information about local opportunities in your community and how people can help.

 - Brand and use this website for any relief project in your town, church or school and link it.

 - Invite your friends and colleagues to join your website and pass it on to others.